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Boyar Asset Management focuses on investing in the equity

securities of intrinsically undervalued companies. 



Mark Boyar began publishing independent equity research on intrinsically undervalued companies in 1975. This led to the establishment of Boyar Asset Management, a Registered Investment Advisor, in 1983. True to Mark’s vision, Boyar Asset Management specializes in investing in the equity securities of intrinsically undervalued companies.

We define intrinsic value as the amount that would be paid to stockholders if a business were liquidated or sold.

Boyar Asset Management evaluates a corporation in the same manner as a private equity buyer would. Our analysis of financial statements is driven by economic reality, not generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).

We believe that if we purchase assets at significant discounts to their intrinsic or private market value, over a reasonable period of time the stock market will either reflect the true higher value of those assets or our clients may profit when the assets are acquired by a third party.

"What sets us apart from others is curiosity and the ability to find these things that are not readily apparent. That’s the key."


Mark Boyar


We Serve Individuals and Institutions

Individual Investors

Boyar Asset Management specializes in working with high-net worth inividuals.

There are two ways individual investors can take advantage of our services:
  • Working with our Private Client Group
  • Investing directly in the Boyar Value Fund

Institutional Investors

Boyar Asset Management has worked extensively with pension funds, endowments, family offices, a large global bank and as a sub-advisor. In addition to providing a value-added investment approach and superior service, we offer our institutional clients robust performance reporting. 

What Makes Boyar Unique?


Most money managers claim they conduct their own research on the companies they invest in. Boyar Asset Management can prove it! 

Since 1975, Boyar has been publishing independent research on public companies it considers to be intrinsically undervalued.* 

Some of the most successful hedge fund and mutual fund managers worldwide subscribe to our various publications which profile companies that we believe are selling below their intrinsic or private market value. Boyar Asset Management clients directly benefit from this rigorous analysis as many of the companies our clients own have been extensively researched in one of our publications. 

Boyar Research publications include: 

  • Asset Analysis Focus 
  • Boyar’s Micro Cap Focus 

Is Value Investing Right for You?

Value investing is not for everyone. It is a disciplined and patient approach to finding, researching, buying and holding the equity of companies we believe to be significantly undervalued by the stock market. 

In essence, we examine and evaluate a corporation and its asset base in the same manner an acquisition-minded business executive would. 

Some of the questions we ask ourselves include: 

  • Is the company cheap? 
  • Is it a good business to be in? 
  • Would we like to own the entire company at this price? 

This method is not flashy, but over time, similar strategies have proven extremely profitable for such legendary investors as Benjamin Graham, Sir John Templeton and Warren Buffett. We firmly believe that investing in intrinsically undervalued businesses will continue to prove an effective wealth-building technique for the clients of Boyar Asset Management, both now and in the future.

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